Thursday, February 3, 2011


what i've made . did i do wrong ?
sometimes i wonder whether i do is right .
i felt like he was far away in my life .
day by day ... i cant understand him anymore .
ilovehimsodamnmuch . yups i do !
but i was scared of ongoing stuation like this . 
i fear if not longer wif him . :'(

i was wondering , how long can i stand up to this kind 
does he really love me ?
whether he meant it ?
or hanya i yang beriya-iya and bertepuk sebelah tangan ?!
hurmmm! :(

Everyday I Patiently Wait
Feeling Like A Fool But I Do Anyway
Nothing Can Feel As Sweet And As Real
As Knowing I Wasn't Waiting In Vain

maybe it is true
im caught up on you
maybe i am wrong 
syg, i miss you !

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